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  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • English-Language Development
  • Mathematics
"The foundations outline key knowledge and skills that most children can achieve when provided with the kinds of interactions, instruction, and environments research has shown to promote early learning and development." (pg. v)
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Physical Development
  • Health
"As research that is summarized in this volume indicates, physical  exercise and healthy routines and nutritional choices set the stage for lifelong healthy habits...
...Of course, the visual and performing arts fuel both preschool children’s imaginative play and creativity and also promote learning in all domains, including physical skill development, cognitive development, and social-emotional development." (pg. v-vi)
  • History-Social Science
  • Science
"As research that is summarized in this volume indicates, young children are naturally drawn to concepts and processes in history–social science and science. They look to their families and their teachers to help them explore these learning domains. High-quality teaching builds on children’s interests and engages them in making sense of social and physical phenomena." (pg. v)