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Mandarin Dual Language Immersion (MDLI)

Dear Wilson MDLI Parents,

Thank you for joining us on Parent Information Night. It was great to see so many parents back on campus again.   We arehoping that all of you have signed up for your Parent-Teacher Conference next month. In case you have not, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Our next MDLI Advisory Meeting will take place Thursday, October 13. Notes will be included in our October newsletter.  Topics such as understanding curriculum, class ratios of native Mandarin speakers vs. English only students, touring other school campuses with MDLI programs, and collaborating with the Gabrielino Mandarin Program will be discussed. Together we will collaborate as a team and work towards developing a thriving and robust program.

Thank you for your support,
Alex S. Herreria
Wilson Principal
1st Grade: Students in Ms. Liao’s Class are learning their names in Mandarin. They are also studying prepositions and location words. New vocabulary introduced this month include relatives, colors, parts of the body, and animals. Students memorized numbers 1-10 and can say addition and subtraction math equations. Students are also studying simple sentences, common phrases, and use of punctuation. They are also learning about idioms and using multiple meaning words. Students are examining radicals in addition to stroke counting in characters.

2nd Grade: Students in Ms. Tang’s Class are using Mandarin to write in their writing journals. Students are writing to express their thoughts and compare how they might be feeling with others. How are students alike or how are they different? They have been learning about Zodiac animals and their character traits. Students frequently read Mandarin poetry and sing songs.