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What are the characteristics of a Wilson Wildcat?

Wilson prides itself on providing its students a safe, engaging, positive learning environment. It is our goal to support students both academically and emotionally. Through our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) program, students learn the Wildcat Way. Safe, Responsible, Respectful Students
How to be a Wildcat.  
Author: Joseph Peng 
The characteristics of a Wildcat are: Kind, helpful respectful respectful, trustworthy, and responsible. All of these characteristics are important to being a good person and a role model to others.3 of the things I can do to be kind to others is to be ; Helpful in everyway I can, Respectful in every way ,and give Encouraging comments .
My actions can affect other people by setting an example for other people and helping others. That way other people will be nice to other and they’ll help other people and so on. Soon lots of people will be doing nice things to each other. Then they’ll go to Jefferson and make everybody there nice. 
What I can do to make Wilson a better place is to be a role model. That way Wilson will be happier than most other school and people will want to come here. I understand we are having problems right now, but I believe we can change. 

What are the characteristics of a Wildcat?
Author: Kenneth Ko

The characteristics of a Wildcat are being a buddy, not a bully. A Wildcat is a respectful and a supportive person. They are excited to learn and they show pride. Wildcats are also excited to meet and make new friends in school. Making good choices in decisions and try to become a smart Wildcat. 
The kind ways to others are saying good comments to others and being a smart buddy. Respect everybody the same way they would treat you. Be a good Wildcat by helping one another out when needed and share with others. Caring for each other when something bad happens. Your actions can effect when you say a good commitments, I which can brighten someones feeling. In return, you will feel good too. It can also help someone that is feeling sad and make them feel special in a great way. Being nice to everybody in the school and other places you go to. 
I can use debug to make Wilson become a better place for the future. Being a buddy to all including people you dont and do know. Learn from your mistakes to improve them and help others that need the help in that subject. Become a PRIDE to make you and Wilson a better place for anybody that comes to Wilson. If everybody picks this up, Wilson will become an anti bully school. 

What are the characteristics of a Wildcat?
Author: Jacey Hwang
4th Grade

            A Wilson Wildcat is a kind and respectful person. Wilson Wildcats are buddies not bullies. We should all try to be the best wildcat we could be. You can be a great Wildcat by just being friendly. I just told you how a Wildcat is.
            Now I will tell you how you can be a Wildcat. To be a great Wildcat you can pick up trash. You can also be friendly. A Wildcat has pride. A Wilson Wildcat studies and does their best to be a good student. A wildcat uses DEBUG when someone is bullying you. You can be nice to the buddy and to other people. A wildcat is a buddy not a bully. Wildcats take responsibility for the things they do. Wildcats care for each other. Wildcats share with each other. The most important thing about a wildcat is to be the best person you can be.

What are the characteristics of a Wildcat?
Author: Jordan Liu
4th Grade

            The characteristics of a Wilson Wildcat care being kind and helpful. When you see someone being bullied, you don't just watch it happen. You can go tell an adult, or go stand up for the person being bullied. Its good to not say hurtful words even if you don't mean it. A Wildcat is kind to everyone and always smiles. A Wildcat always tries their best and never gives up. A Wildcat aims get good grades. But most importantly, a Wildcat has pride. Wildcats are responsible and respectful. A Wildcat always debugs. Wildcats apologize and think about their mistakes.


Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat

The Wildcat Way