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Monthly Curriculum Focus


Our October theme is: All About Self (Me)! During this unit, we will discuss how people are similar & different, we will learn about major body parts, and major feelings.  We will study the idea of likes & dislikes, and how different peers like different foods; toys; books; arrive at school in different ways; speak different languages.  Our Homework for this month (see below), is to make a "All About Me" poster.  


As always, please also use our "Target Curriculum" section of this website to discuss any of the math, language & literacy, and social studies/ science concepts we will be working on this month!  Have fun, and remember each child learns at their own pace.  As parents and educators it is up to us to provide multiple opportunities to be exposed to a wide range of developmentally appropriate concepts and skills, the more they are exposed at home, school, and in the community, the better off they will be.   Keep the learning momentum going, by using the same vocabulary, reading the same (or similar books), and pointing out different family members likes & dislikes.


AT Home you can:

  • Encourage your child to draw your family and talk about the drawings (pointing out the differences in height, hair colors, eye color).
  • Alternatively, you can look through family photos and discuss the differences (in height, hair color, eye color, skin color).
  • During meal times (at home or out), discuss food preferences.
  • Encourage your child to talk about his or her favorite things.
Color: Orange
Shape: Triangle
Letters: Hh; Tt; Ii; & Uu

TARGET CURRICULUM **view on laptop/desktop.





Equals PreK:

Number Sense:

       Counting numbers 1 to 4

1.2 Begin to recognize and name a few numerals

1.4 Count up to 5 objects w/ 1 to 1 correspondence


Algebra & Functions:

        Color: Orange

        Sorting by shape & categories

1.1 Sort & classify objects by one attribute

        ABAB Patterns: with sound & visual

2.1 Begin to identify or recognize simple patterns

2.2 Attempt to create a simple pattern



       “One” & “Many”

1.1 Awareness that objects can be compared



          Shape: Triangle

1.1 Identify simple two-dimensional shapes

           Prepositions: In, On, & Under

2.1 Identify positions of objects/ people in space


Mathematical Reasoning:

count students to determine "how many" chairs are needed at circle time

1.1 Begin to apply simple mathematical strategies to solve problems in their environment.

Language & Literacy




      Grasp; aim & scribble; cross; square

       Letter of the week: H; T; I; U

1.2 Write letters or letter like shapes


Reading: Alphabetics & Word/Print recognition

       Letter of the week art projects


3.2 Match letter names to their printed form

3.3 Begin to recognize that letters have sounds


Reading: Comprehension & analysis of text

Book: Here are My Hands;

by Bill Martin Jr. 

*Complete class chart depicting:

body parts & actions they can do.

4.1 Demonstrate knowledge from informational text through labeling, describing, playing, or creating artwork


Listening & Speaking: Vocabulary

        eyes; see; ears; listen; nose; smell; mouth; talk; teeth; chew; face

2.1 Understand and use accepted words for objects, actions, and attributes encountered frequently in both real & symbolic contexts

History/ Social Science or Science


Self & Society (Culture & Diversity):

“We are the same, and different”

 “I like___, you like___”.

1.1 Display curiosity about diversity in human characteristics.

*In Class Presentation: “All About Me” project

Listening & Speaking: Language use & conventions

1.2 Speak Clearly enough to be understood by familiar children & adults

1.4 Use Language to construct short narratives that are real or fiction



All about Me



Physical Dev


Fundamental Mvmt:

Keep balance while swing is in motion


Navigate classroom & playground safely

Active Physical Play: Run one lap around the playground at line up during morning recess

Visual and Performing Arts


Art Center: Variety of collage materials

Develop Skills in Visual Art:

2.4 Begin to use paper & other materials to assemble simple collages.

Create, Invent, & Express Through Vis Art:

3.1 Begin to draw figures or objects.


Closing Circle Activity: 


2.2 Explore vocally; sing repetitive patters alone & with others.


2.2 Add props to enhance dramatization of familiar stories with peers.


1.3 Respond to instruction of one (or more) skill during movement, such as a jump, or fall.


Science Center: Sensory Bins:


Fall items of various size/ shape/ color, thickness & texture (shiny).

Scientific inquiry (observation & investigation):

1.1 Observe objects & events in the environment and describe them.

Liquid Discovery tubes

Physical Science (properties & characteristics of nonliving objects & materials):

1.1 Observe, investigate & identify the characteristics and physical properties of objects, and of solid & non-solid materials.





 Here are My Hands

By: Bill Martin Jr. 


(focus vocabulary words:: Eyes; see; ears; hear; nose; smell; mouth; talk; teeth chew; face.)



Find this and other theme related books at the San Gabriel Public Library: http://www.colapublib.org/libs/sangabriel/



The “All About Me” poster is an annual favorite for families.  We will send home directions and tools to help get you started.  You may use our template OR create your own poster from scratchPlease return it by 10/23/19.

**Please note: your child will be presenting his/ her project in class, it is very helpful if you practice with your child at home. 


 Thank you for doing your part in teaching your child!