Monthly Curriculum Focus


Our November theme is: My Family!


During this unit, we will discuss what it means to be a family.  How families can be similar & different, including sizes & customs.  Your child will describe his/ her family (family size, number or parents, number of siblings, names of people in the family, including their relationship: brother, sister, mother, cousin, uncle, etc.) Our Homework for this month (see below), is to **send in a group family photo for our “Family” wall.


As always, please also use our "Target Curriculum" section of this website to discuss any of the math, language & literacy, and social studies/ science concepts we will be working on this month!  Have fun, and remember each child learns at their own pace.  As parents and educators it is up to us to provide multiple opportunities to be exposed to a wide range of developmentally appropriate concepts and skills, the more they are exposed at home, school, and in the community, the better off they will be.   Keep the learning momentum going, by using the same vocabulary, reading the same (or similar books), and pointing out different family members likes & dislikes.


AT Home you can:

  • Look at family photos with your child & discuss the types of activities you have enjoyed doing as a "family".  Be sure to focus on the name & identifying the relationship each member has to your child (brother, mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandpa, etc).
  • Look at other family photos of extended family (who may not live with you) and encourage your child to name the relationship they have with each member. 
  • Discuss things that your child enjoys doing with that family member (photos help for younger children).
Color: Brown
Shape: Square
Letters: Cc; Oo; & Gg. 


 This month, we will be reading a variety of books related to our "Family"  theme. Our main book will be:


Families, Families, Families

by Suzanne & Vincent Lang. 

(focus vocabulary words:: family; mom; dad; sister; brother; grandma; grandpa; aunt; uncle; cousin; home; thanksgiving; pumpkin; and pie )



Find this and other theme related books at the San Gabriel Public Library:



The children LOVE to sit and look at their projects (and surprisingly really enjoy looking at the projects of their classmates too).


For November, it's easy... Please send in a 5x7 or 8x10 "Family Portrait".  This should be a whole group photo if you have one, including pets if you like.

Be sure to practice:

    • counting how many members are in your family photo, include pets if you like.
    • the given names of each member.
    • as well as the "relationship" (ex: dad, brother, cousin, etc.) of each member to the student. 
    • Please return it as soon as possible, or by 11/15/19.


**Please note: your child will be presenting his/ her Family Portrait in class, it is very helpful if you practice with your child at home. 


 Thank you for doing your part in teaching your child!