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Schedule update for the first two weeks of October
With the 5th Graders off to Outdoor Science School for the week, 10/3-10/7, we'll still hold club meetings with the 4th graders.
We'll spend the time working on some free form programming in Scratch, but more targeted at resolving a challenges we'll invent in class.
The week of 10/10-10/14, there will be NO club meetings due to the early dismissal days for Parent Conferences.
I'll be sending an email with this information as well.
Mr. Nick
Hi Parents,
Just a quick update as we just completed our 3rd meeting:
I know the "Robotics" portion of the name is the glitzy, shiny piece, but without the "Coding", our robots would merely be models ;)
So far we've taken advantage of Google's CS-First program, which is targeted for 4th-8th graders. It integrates Scratch, which is a block-based programming approach. All the goodies of conditional statements and evaluation, loops, variable assignment, and more that are the basis of all programming languages, but in a drag-and-drop environment with instant feedback. No lines of text and dedicated sandbox to test. 
Once we progress to the robotics portion, this same block-based style of coding will be used to bring our robots to life.
Below are a couple of links that we've been using in the Coding & Robotics Club thus far.
Both sites will require the same ID & password that your student uses in the club if you or they would like to access the projects they've done.
Thank you for allowing your student to be a part of our club. It's a pleasure having them and watching them grow!
As always, feel free to contact me or Mr. P with any questions.
Mr. Nick